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The 4 Most Important Aspects of Dealing With Diabetes

Before the advent of injectable insulin in the 1920s, diabetes was often a death sentence. It didn’t necessarily mean that a person would die right away, but it certainly cut millions of lives tragically short. While having diabetes still affect life spans, it’s not nearly as drastic as it used to be.

Thanks to the medical science that has advanced during those hundred years, living with diabetes has never been easier. Invasive blood draws have been replaced with disposable lancets, blood testing used to have to be done in a lab, and blood glucose machines were huge and impossible to take with you anywhere (if they left the doctor’s office at all).

Is having diabetes a cakewalk? Of course not. There are still challenges that come with having diabetes, but today it’s more of a sugar-free cakewalk. Most people who adhere to these four important aspects of diabetes care will be able to live perfectly healthy lives.

Exercise Frequently

This piece of advice is pretty simple, and it certainly doesn’t apply to just diabetics. Three-quarters of Americans don’t get enough exercise, yet every one of them should be burning more calories and building more muscle.

But diabetics have two additional reasons to exercise, because exercising can actually help control your diabetes. First of all, when you exercise, insulin sensitivity is increased. This means that your muscle cells become better at using insulin both before and after an activity.

Second, whether insulin is available or not, glucose is burned better by the body thanks to contracting muscles. This means that your cells are able to take up glucose and turn it into energy instead of having it just sit around in your blood.

Eat Healthy Every Day

Again, this isn’t just advice for those who have diabetes. Most Americans aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables, and heart-healthy fiber is too low in the diets of about 90-percent of Americans. Such a poor diet has lead to many health problems, including heart disease, high blood pressure, strokes, and, yes, diabetes.  

Most of those problems are long-term, though. Diabetics have good reason to eat healthy both long and short-term. Over a lifetime, eating foods that are high in fat and calories can lead to nerve damage, kidney failure, and heart damage. Short-term effects are much more obvious: hyperglycemia.

While it might be difficult at first, eating three healthy meals a day is possible. That means eating plenty of fruits and vegetables while avoiding unnecessary fats and foods that are high in calories. When you eat extra calories and fat, your body responds by raising your blood glucose levels. So sticking to healthy carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, and whole grains), high-fiber foods (beans, nuts, peas), and good fats such as fish that’s high in omega-3, nuts, and avocados.

Of course, the proper way to eat healthy and exercise properly will be determined by a doctor, which is why you should always...

Listen To Your Doctor

Everyone should listen to what their doctor says; trust them more than you trust a blog from a mail-order diabetic supply company or any online advice, for that matter! (We do have good advice, but you should always follow your doctor’s advice primarily.)

The fact is, your doctor most likely has many patients who are dealing with diabetes. They are familiar with the latest advice from technical journals and can help you steer clear of the bogus claims you might find on the internet. They can also advise you on proper exercises for your particular body type or alter exercises based on other health problems you might be experiencing. They can also point you to a reliable dietician who can help you eat in a healthier way and control your diabetes.

Have a Reliable Diabetic Supply Company

When you have diabetes, you have to stay on top of it. That means always having the diabetic medical supplies you need with you at all times, including diabetes meter test strips that are fresh, blood glucose machines that give accurate readings, and sterile, disposable lancets that reduce pain so that you aren’t reticent to use them as often as necessary.

We can help at our diabetic supply company. Our test strips are fresh and will not expire for at least 12 months. We sell glucose test meter control solutions so that you can always make sure that the meter is working. We also have a wide variety of lancet devices that offer a variety of lancing depths for your comfort.

Get Help Controlling Your Diabetes!

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for diabetes yet, but if you live according to the four tenets listed above, you’ll be leading a very healthy life. Eat right and exercise regularly and you might even be healthier than many of those around you! And always make sure to have the right diabetic medical supplies for your needs. Shop our mail-order diabetic supply company today!