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The Unexpected Diabetic Medical Supplies You Might Need

There are more than 30 million people in America who have diabetes. But as many of them as there are, many people are still ignorant about the type of diabetes medical supplies that those who live with diabetes require. If you ask most people what diabetics need, you’ll most likely hear about blood glucose meters and test strips, as we discussed in our first blog. A few of them might come up with “those pokey things” (glucometer lancets), but you’re never going to hear about the blood glucose machine control solution from the average person.

In today’s article, we’re going to talk about some of the other important diabetic medical supplies that those with diabetes need. As important as blood glucose machines, test strips, and lancets are, there are many other items that a mail-order diabetic supply company like ours can help provide to keep those with diabetes healthier.

Urinalysis Strips

While the bulk of strips that a diabetic will purchase are diabetes meter test strips for their blood glucose monitor, many people are unaware of a different type of test strip that many diabetics should have on hand: urinalysis strips. Yes, the blood is important at telling you about the amount of glucose, but urine can also give you some very important information.

  • The first type of urinalysis test strips that many people need are Keto-Diastix  to identify ketones in urine. If there is not enough insulin in your body to help it burn sugar for energy, glucose builds up in the blood. If that happens, the body starts burning fat instead. While at first that might sound like a good thing, the ketones released actually mean that you’re glucose could be reaching abnormally high levels. Identification of these ketones often means that you should visit the doctor right away, because you might need a higher dose of insulin.
  • Another type of urinalysis strip that people who have diabetes use are Hemastix. Hemastix (from the prefix hemo-, the Greek word for blood) detects blood in urine in amounts that cannot be determined by sight. Blood in urine is often an early indication of kidney disease, something diabetics have to worry about. Keeping tabs on blood in your urine can give you a heads up as to whether you should make an appointment with your doctor.

Diabetes Skin Care

As most people know, diabetes affects circulation. Unfortunately, this can also affect feeling in the extremities, which could lead people to care less for their skin on their hands and feet. When this happens, the skin is more likely to become infected because people are unaware of problems that have occured. Such problems include dry skin, rashes, hardening skin, blisters, skin infections, and skin tags.

One way to helps many of these problems is to help the skin be as healthy as possible from the outside. NYC Diabetes Supplies carries a selection of diabetic skin care lotions and creams from Gold Bond and Borage that can both protect and heal dry skin associated with diabetes. Hand cream and foot cream are non-greasy and protects skin even after a hand washing, and it prevents cracks that can lead to worse skin problems. If you have dry hands due to diabetes, make sure your nourishing your skin as often as possible!

Emergency Blood Glucose Gels and Tablets

While too much glucose (hyperglycemia) is bad and often requires an insulin intervention, too little glucose is also a concern. Having too little glucose in the blood (aka hypoglycemia, or “low blood sugar”) can be a dangerous condition. It can happen because someone has taken too much insulin, eaten less than normal, skipped meals, or exercised excessively. When this happens, emergency glucose might be necessary.

One of the fastest ways to increase blood glucose is to eat something, but not everyone keeps food with them at all times. Something that a diabetic can keep with them are gels and tablets that are specifically made to raise blood sugar gently and quickly.

Our mail-order diabetic supply company offers different options when someone is looking for a way to raise glucose to normal levels. The first is Insta-Glucose gel, a three-pack of gel tubes that can be taken anywhere. They contain simple sugars that are readily absorbed into the bloodstream and can avoid problems with hypoglycemia. Another option are TRUEplus glucose tablets that work on a similar principle while also providing vitamin D.

Alcohol Prep Pads

As we sometimes say at our diabetic supply company, we provide nearly every diabetic medical supply that someone could need except for the insulin and the needles necessary to inject it. But there is one injection step that we can help with, and that’s sanitizing the injection site with alcohol prep pads.

Alcohol prep pads are an important part of every injection. Certain bacteria might be harmless when on the surface of the skin, but it can cause an infection if it’s driven deeper by an insulin needle. These diabetic alcohol prep pads contain a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution in order to properly sterilize an area before injection. Plus they’re soft and comfortable on the skin, which we know from our talk about the creams and lotions to be a very important part of diabetic skin care.

We’re Ready To Help!

Even if most people are unfamiliar with the many items that someone with diabetes requires -- blood glucose machines, test strips, glucometer lancets, control solution, urinalysis strips, prep pads, skin care, and emergency glucose boosters -- our mail-order diabetic supply company is certainly ready to help you get exactly what you need to make having diabetes as easy as possible. After all, you’ve got enough to worry about other than where the best price is to get all of your diabetes medical supplies, so we’ve made one-stop-shopping easier by bringing everything together.

We’ve very familiar with what we carry here at NYC Diabetes Supplies, and we’d love to talk to you about any of the supplies that you might see here on our site. Please contact us with any questions about what you’ll need and we’ll get right back to you! You can even call us at (347) 470-8067. We look forward to hearing from you!