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Welcome To NYC Diabetes Supplies, Providing the Country With Diabetic Medical Supplies

We’d like to thank you for stopping by our mail-order diabetic supply company’s online store. Despite our name, NYC Diabetes Supply is here to provide the entirety of the United States with the best diabetic medical supplies available. We’re also here to provide you with the best prices possible on diabetic supplies, because having diabetes is hard enough without having to pay through the nose for your blood glucose monitors, test strips, and lancets.

As a diabetic supply company, we’re here to provide you with nearly every sort of diabetic medical supply you might ever need for dealing with the disease. Yes, that includes the basics, but it also means the extra supplies that most diabetics need. Let’s take a look at how we can help provide you with everything but the insulin!

Blood Glucose Machines

One of the most important steps to take when you have diabetes is to monitor the amount of sugar in your blood with a blood glucose machine, also known as a glucose test meter, glucose monitor, or diabetes glucometer. These handheld devices measure the amount of glucose in your blood and tell you if it’s too high, too low, or just right. But the information doesn’t stop there, because these amazing machines can tell you so much more from a tiny amount of blood. Many of today’s glucose test meters can keep your results in long-term memory (up to 500 tests) to help you see trends in your glucose levels. In fact, some of the machines are USB and Bluetooth compatible so that you can download and analyze your glucose results...and some of them even do the analysis for you! We carry the best meters available, including Bayer Contour, Accu-Chek Aviva Plus, Bayer Contour Next EZ, TRUEtrack, FreeStyle, and OneTouch Verio.

Who needs a diabetes glucometer? Anyone who is taking insulin or been instructed by a doctor to monitor their sugar levels. Some people stop by our mail-order diabetic supply company in order to purchase their first glucose test meter, while others have dropped theirs or had it damaged in some other way. There’s also another reason that people replace their glucometers...

Diabetes Control Solutions

Diabetes glucometers do a lot for being so inexpensive, but they’re not meant to last forever. Because people are taking them with them everywhere, they get wear and tear. Even blood glucose machines left at home will get damaged since they’re handled multiple times a day.

If you have any reason to suspect that your glucose test meter might not be working, control solutions are the...well, solution! These solutions contain a known amount of glucose, so if that amount matches the number your diabetes glucose monitor reads then it’s still working correctly. If you don’t get an accurate reading, you know something is wrong with your meter and may need to replace it. Glucose test strips should be used every time you change the batteries, drop it, or get an abnormally high reading that just doesn’t seem right. You should also use the control solution every time you open up a new package of strips in order to make sure that the strips are working properly.

At our diabetic supply company, we carry diabetes glucometer control solutions for FreeStyle, OneTouch, Bayer, & Accu-Chek. These strips are used on standard diabetes meter test strips, which we’ll discuss next.

Diabetes Meter Test Strips

Diabetes meter test strips are one of the most common items that people buy, simply because they’re disposable and need constant re-purchasing. These strips require a much tinier amount of blood than previous strips and still give you accurate readings when inserted with the matching glucometer. (Remember, you must always use the same brand of strips with a matching brand, and series, of diabetes glucose monitor.) Most diabetic test strips for sale today are “no coding,” which means less time you have to spend coding and also reduces the chance of error.

Our mail-order diabetic supply company carries these diabetes meter test strips from the most popular brands around, including Bayer Contour test strips, OneTouch Verio test strips, Infinity test strips, Bayer Breeze 2 test strips, Bayer Contour Next test strips, and Accu-Chek test strips. These are the same high-quality strips you’ll find at retail establishments, yet we are able to provide you with the cheapest diabetic test strips around. On top of that, all of our strips are guaranteed to have a minimum of a 12-month expiration date.

Of course, in order to get blood on a test strip, you must first draw blood. That’s why you’ll need...

Glucometer Lancets

In order to get a reading from a glucose test meter, it is first necessary to obtain blood. This is where glucometer lancets come in. They contain tiny lancing devices, which are blades that create the tiniest possible poke in skin. Some of these lancets are single-use lancets, while others are disposable lancets that stay within the lancing devices. Depending on the particular diabetes meter test strips you’re using, you may also be able to use alternate sites on the body such as the palm, thigh, or forearm to draw blood. This can give tender and oft-used fingertips a much-needed rest!

No one wants to use blood glucose lancets, but if you do you’ll want to use the most gentle lancets possible. Many of them have multiple depth settings, allowing you to change the depth to match your skin thickness as determined by calluses or the area of the body you’re using it on. The gauge (thickness) of the lancet can also determine the comfort you’ll experience, as can one that reduces side-to-side movement and vibration during use.

When you need diabetic medical supplies, NYC Diabetes Supplies has the best glucometer lancets from top-tier companies. Click here to find Microlet lancets, EasyTouch lancets, OneTouch Delica lancets, Accu-Chek FastClix lancets, Accu-Chek Softclix lancets, and FreeStyle lancets.

Our Diabetic Supply Company Is Ready To Help!

We know that living with diabetes isn’t always easy. Yes, it can affect your health in a serious fashion, but we want to make it as easy as possible on you by supplying the best diabetic medical supplies available at a reasonable cost. While it might not be a joy to have diabetes, living a full life with it has never been easier.

Our mail-order diabetic supplies are all of the highest quality, and we look forward to providing them so that living with the disease is as easy as possible. Whether you need a single box of disposable lancets or run a hospital and need 2500 Bayer Contour diabetes meter test strips, we can help. Click those links above to get shopping, or contact us with any questions you may have!