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Bayer Contour Next ONE diabetic glucose monitor from NYC Diabetes Supplies

Bayer Contour Next ONE Meter


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Bayer Contour Next ONE Diabetic Meter

The Bayer Contour Next ONE blood glucose machine makes keeping track of your results easier than ever.


  • Remarkably accurate testing: Demonstrated proven accuracy with the Contour Next ONE Meter and Contour Next Test Strips.
  • Add events to your readings: Record events such as diet, activities and medication; also add photos, notes, or voice memos to help put your results in context.
  • Get smartALERTS: Be alerted when your blood glucose levels are at critically-high or critically-low levels.
  • The smartLIGHT: Gives you an instant indicator of your blood glucose results.
    Green = within target
    Amber = above target 
    Red = below target

Simple Yet Advanced

It isn’t always easy managing your diabetes, keeping a record of all your blood glucose results and understanding how your activities impact them. Wouldn’t it be great to take some of the hassle out of your diabetes management with a system that helps you understand how everyday activities affect your blood glucose? The time is now. The Contour Next ONE glucose test meter and the Contour Next Diabetes app seamlessly connect to do just that. Discover more about your diabetes!

    By integrating your glucose meter with a smartphone app you can simplify the management of your diabetes. Blood glucose results captured throughout the day can be automatically synced and logged. And over time, your results may create meaningful insights into how your activities affect your levels. All the while being on the same platform you use for so many other aspects of your life – your smartphone! Try this amazing diabetes glucometer today!


    • Bayer Contour Next ONE Glucose Meter Kit
    • Free diabetes glucose monitor app available from Bayer website