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FreeStyle Freedom Lite glucose test meter from NYC Diabetes Supplies

Freestyle Freedom Lite Meter


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Freestyle Freedom Lite Diabetic Meter 

Make life easy on yourself when you use this blood glucose machine from Freestyle! The Freedom Lite offers you many modern features to get you quick, accurate results. 

  • No coding required, which saves time and effort. 
  • The large display makes it easy to read and great for people of all ages.
  • The test will only start when enough blood is applied, and you can add blood for up to 60 seconds. This glucose test meter beeps when the strip has enough blood.
  • Curved shape makes it easy and comfortable to hold in your hand.

    With the Freestyle Freedom Lite diabetes glucometer, you'll get accurate results in an average of just five seconds. It supports multiple test sites so you can use disposable lancets on other parts of your body and give your fingers a rest. It can also tell you when to test; just set one of its four reminder alarms to maintain your testing schedule. It stores up to 400 results with date and time and retains 7, 14, and 30-day result averages.



    • Freestyle Freedom Lite Diabetic Meter 
    • Instructions
    • Use only with FreeStyle Lite diabetes meter test strips.