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Insta-Glucose Gel, an important diabetic medical supply from NYC Diabetes Supplies

Insta-Glucose Gel


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Insta-Glucose Diabetic Gel

When your blood sugar is dangerously low, Insta-Glucose can help raise it to proper levels quickly and safely. 

  • Insta-Glucose Diabetic Gel contains a solution of simple sugars to help deal with emergencies. 
  • This gel is rapidly-absorbed and appropriate for emergencies when no other food is available. 
  • A pre-measured dose contains 24 grams of carbohydrates and 96 calories.

This solution for low blood sugar is an excellent option to have with you during emergencies. The pleasant cherry taste makes it easy to drink, and you should start to experience relief in just minutes because of its rapid absorption. No matter where you are — school, car, work, or just out for a walk — Insta-Glucose can raise the glucose level of the blood and protect your health during times of extremely low blood sugar.

Whether your glucose test meter tells you that your blood sugar is too low or you simply know the feeling, it's good to have these gel tubes on hand. Order some from our mail-order diabetic supplies company today!



  • Insta-Glucose Diabetic Gel (3-pack)